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Let's meet the next partner of the project, Commonspace Co-op!

Commonspace Co-op is a collaborative – interdisciplinary planning and design group, operating from 2012, and established in 2015 as a Social Enterprise (Employees’ Cooperative). Provides high quality services in the fields of Spatial Strategies, Architecture, Social Research, Urban and Environmental Design by creating or implementing innovative tools and processes. It seeks to be a link between citizens, social institutions, and public authorities, a hub for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and practices among citizens, experts and decision-makers.

The main goal is to promote and empower Participatory Planning as a design paradigm that emphasizes in the involving of citizens, local communities, local/ regional/ national authorities and experts as well as other stakeholders in the strategic and management processes of public spaces design, planning and management. The organization collaborates with Universities, Educational Institutions, Public Benefit Institutions, Municipalities, Regional Governments, NGOs, various Enterprises and independent professionals and scientists/ experts.

For more information about Commonspace Co-op click here!

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