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Competence profiles and skills required by the spatial planning market

The research, based on an online survey of 90 respondents, aimed at identifying the Competence profiles, including a set of hard and soft skills.

Among the key professional profiles, teachers, practitioners, and students asserted the need to develop careers as e.g., #spatialplanners or Analysts, #GIS operators, and #UrbanPlanners and #regionalplanners. Within these profiles, the most important skills to be developed are digital spatial analysis, policies’ evaluation, environmental impact assessments, and public speaking.

In future perspective, professionals and teachers rated as greatest importance of climate and environmental issues. Hence tomorrow’s planner should be prepared to address

🌳Climate change adaptation and mitigation

🌍Environmental protection

🧩Global sustainability

⚡️Just transition (renewable energy, economic, digital)

🎯Humanitarian crisis and disaster risk management.


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