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2nd Press Release: InPlanEd Project Midway Update

Updated: 5 days ago

Exciting news for city-planning students, educators and planners!

InPlanEd is a project that develops, tests, and evaluates new educational tools that promote a comprehensive, integrated approach to urban, mobility, participatory, and evidence-based planning. This holistic methodology is essential for creating inclusive, people-centered cities resilient to climate change. Key achievements include the first International Multiplier Event in Cyprus, highlighting effective urban planning practices, with more events planned in Greece and locally to broaden the project's impact.

The project advances urban planning education with innovative, collaborative methods aimed at addressing modern urban challenges. By fostering a cooperative environment and employing strategic communication, InPlanEd ensures wide access to its innovations, such as the COIL course, enhancing its educational impact and setting standards in the field.

Since its launch, InPlanEd has leveraged the expertise of a diverse network to produce impactful outcomes and foster a dynamic educational community. The introduction of an MSc-level COIL course marks a significant step in tackling urban planning complexities, enhancing participant competencies, and promoting growth aligned with European values of equality and inclusion. Through continuous evaluation and monitoring, the project ensures its high standards and enduring impact on the community.

Development of didactic material, educational resources, and online educational tools for teaching integrated planning approaches in COIL format.

We are thrilled to announce InPlanEd’s latest outcome, which unveils a wealth of didactic material and open educational resources to support the teaching of Integrated Planning approaches in COIL format. This innovative COIL course is meticulously designed to equip learners with the tools, skills and knowledge needed for fostering the transition toward green, equitable, and people-centric cities, for combating climate change. 

Credits: UCY 

More importantly, this dynamic course offers unrestricted access to online learning resources, including lectures, glossary, datasets, tutorials, and real-life case studies. The pilot COIL course is centered around essential themes such as inclusive, people-centric, and climate-resilient cities. Crafted to bridge competency gaps prevalent in current educational offerings, these educational resources spotlight integrated urban planning methods, including sustainable mobility, evidence-based and participatory planning approaches. From grasping fundamental sustainable city concepts to the practical application of integrated urban planning methodologies, during site visits and workshops, this course equips learners with practical skills crucial for navigating the complex challenges of tomorrow's spatial planning landscape.

The developed material and open educational resources focus on the course structure, which can be seen below:

  1. Introductory lectures on planning for inclusive and resilient cities.

  2. Core concepts and methodologies of Integrated Urban Planning.

  3. Practical sessions and site visits.

  4. Advanced lectures on specific urban planning methods.

  5. Introduction to practical tools used in the field.

  6. A participatory workshop.

  7. Final group project presentations.

Another project outcome that has been completed is the Configuration of InPlanEd Open Learning Platform and the selection of additional online education tools for teaching Integrated Planning approaches in COIL format (D.3.2). This project outcome refers to two critical aspects for the COIL course's success: selecting reliable tools and configuring the InPlanEd open learning platform.

Hosted by NTUA, the configured open-learning platform will support the course with features like a common repository, online submissions, and collaborative tools, built on a Moodle framework that tracks student engagement and collects feedback through surveys. These elements address key challenges in creating a blended learning environment that is accessible, inclusive, and sustainable for students, practitioners, and educators in planning-related fields.

Join us on this transformative urban planning and education journey, helping to shape sustainable cities and promote a greener, more equitable future!

For more information, visit the website of the project, and the social media pages: Facebook, Linkedin, X.

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 The InPlanEd project is co-founded by the European Union and the Greek State Scholarships Foundation.



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