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International Multiplier Event in Nicosia, Cyprus

Updated: Apr 22

The first InPlanEd IME took place at the University of Cyprus on Friday 8th December and was attended by 45 participants, including InPlanEd team members and two online speakers/presenters.

The event’s sessions were as following:

1. A plenary InPlanEd session, including:

  • an introduction to project by Nadia Charalambous (UCY)

  • a presentation about the competences framework and related deliverables D2.1 and D2.2 by Pantoleon Skayannis (AESOP)

  • a presentation of the planned pilot course and its content related to deliverable 3.1 by Ilaria Geddes (UCY)

  • a presentation about participatory theory and practice in integrated planning approaches by Sofia Tsadari (Commonspace), and

  • a presentation about the project’s next steps and long-term perspective by Yannis Paraskevopoulos (NTUA)

All the above presentations were video recorded and are available here.

2. The session was chaired by Dr. Lora Nicolaou (Frederick University) Prof. Sebnem Hoskara and the discussants included Prof. Sebnem Hoskara (Eastern Mediterranean University), Dr. Wafa Alghatam (University of Bahrain), Dr. Mark David Major (University of Abu Dhabi) and Dr. Achilleas Kalopedis (ALA Planning Partnership).

3. Research presentations related to integrated planning, planning tools and integrated spatial models:

  • Modular urban form types as an analytical framework of evidence-based planning: an open-data methodology implemented and assessed for the city of Athens - Yannis Paraskevopoulos (NTUA)

  • Effectiveness of passive and active planning tools in managing urban change - Lora Nicolaou (Frederick University)

  • Challenges and barriers in integrating spatial-models and tools for social-economic performance assessment in data-scarce urban environments. The case of Cyprus - Ana Ricchiardi and Iason Giraud (UCY)

  • Neurourbanism and Neuroarchitecture: How can neuroscience inform design? - Effrosini Charalambous (UCY)

  • Logical machine. Informing the design process through permutation - Rossella Gugliotta (Polytechnic University of Turin; online)

4. Final plenary session and discussion with stakeholders about the integration of architecture and planning disciplines and the collaboration between research and practice. Discussants included Prof. Oya Atalay Franck, president of the European Association of Architectural Education, Dubravko Bacic, vice president of the Architects Council of Europe and Ruth Schagemann, president of the Architects Council of Europe. Stakeholders included representatives of the Cyprus Architects Association and the Cyprus Scientific Chamber along with architecture and planning practitioners, as well as around 10-15 UCY’s Department of Architecture students, who were not recorded in the participants’ list.


Competences Framework

Participation in Integrated Planning Approaches

The InPlanEd Pilot Course & Educational Resources

InPlanEd Long-term perspective and Next steps

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